Investment Strategy

CEREIT's core objective is to provide unitholders with stable distributions and long-term DPU and NAV growth. The Manager aims to achieve this through;

1. Active asset management and enhancement strategy – The Manager will actively manage CEREIT’s property portfolio and will seek opportunities to drive organic growth in Gross Revenue and Net Property Income (“NPI”) as well as source and maintain strong tenant relationships.

2. Acquisition growth strategy supported by a rigorous research driven selection process and an extensive on-the-ground presence in Europe with strong sourcing capabilities – The Manager will seek to grow DPU and NAV per Unit through the acquisition of quality income-producing properties across Europe used mainly for office, light industrial/logistics and/or retail purposes.

3. Prudent capital management strategy – The Manager will endeavour to maintain a strong balance sheet, prudently employ an appropriate mix of debt and equity in financing acquisitions and secure diverse funding sources.

4. Best practice approach to Sustainability, Corporate Governance, and Corporate Social Responsibility – Consistent with the values of the Sponsor, and with guidance from the Board, the Manager will employ a best practice approach to sustainability, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.