The Property Manager

Cromwell Europe Limited is the property manager of CEREIT (the “Property Manager”), with a head office in London and an established property management platform with offices in 17 cities across 11 countries. The primary goal of the Property Manager is to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with tenant-customers. This enables it to understand customer needs and meet their requirements. The Property Manager is also responsible for portfolio management services, asset management services, accounting and administration services, financial and technical property management services. The Property Manager’s services include but are not limited to:

Investment management services:
assistance with sourcing, due diligence, capital management (including debt advisory services) and execution support for property transactions;

Asset management services:
management of the properties, business plan advisory and support services, new investments or development / extension services, onboarding of new acquisitions, lease management services, technical management services, sustainability services, appointment and management of third parties, disposal services and general management services;

Portfolio management services;

Accounting and administration services;

Treasury management services;

Technical property management services;

Project management services; and

Development management services.