Distributions Per unit (DPU)

Distributions from CEREIT to Unitholders are computed based on 100.0% of CEREIT’s Annual Distributable Income for the period from the Listing Date to the end of 2019 as per CEREIT’s IPO Prospectus commitment.

Distributions are declared in EUR. Each Unitholder will receive his distribution in Singapore dollars equivalent of the EUR distribution declared, unless he elects to receive the relevant distribution in EUR by submitting a “Currency Election Notice” that will be send out to all unitholders.

Distribution timetable

Notice of Books Closure Date

13 August 2018

Last Day of Trading on a “cum” Basis

16 August 2018


17 August 2018

Books Closure Date

21 August 2018

Distribution Payment Date

28 September 2018

Distribution Amount per Unit (in Euro Cents)


Distribution History


DPU (EURO cents)

Payment Date

30 November 2017 – 30 June 2018

2.53 cents

28 September 2018