CEREIT is pleased to present its inaugural sustainability report for the Calendar Year 2018 and for FY 2018. This report discloses CEREIT’s ESG impact and its progress towards the goal of sustainable management of its real estate portfolio.

CEREIT’s core objectives are to provide Unitholders with regular and stable distributions and deliver long-term growth. The Board has set a strategic direction for the management team to achieve this through executing the following key strategies: active asset management, acquiring for growth, responsible capital management and a best-practice approach to corporate governance and sustainability.

CEO's message on sustainability

To prepare for CEREIT’s inaugural Sustainability Report, ten material ESG matters were identified through a formal materiality assessment exercise facilitated by EY, which involved key stakeholders from the Sponsor, the Manager and the Property Manager. CEREIT’s sustainability approach presented in this report has been formulated to report on the initiatives and targets under each of these matters, striking a balance between financial results and corporate governance, internal and external stakeholder engagement and environmental stewardship. The Board oversees the management and monitoring of these ESG matters, supported by the management team.

CEREIT’s sustainability journey is just beginning. The Board looks forward to the support of all stakeholders in creating a sustainable future for generations to come.