Elena Arabadjieva

Elena Arabadjieva

Ms Arabadjieva joined the Manager in September 2017 and is the Manager’s COO and Head of Investor Relations in September 2018.

As COO, Ms Arabadjieva is responsible for ESG and sustainability, business continuity and general business operations. As Head of Investor Relations, Ms Arabadjieva is responsible for investor and stakeholder engagement, marketing and communications as well as continuous disclosure and transparent market communications.

Ms Arabadjieva has over 20 years of experience in Asia and has held a number of senior marketing, sales and communications positions in Singapore. Prior to joining the Manager, Ms Arabadjieva was the Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications of Cambridge Industrial Trust (now known as ESR-LOGOS REIT). Prior to ESR-LOGOS REIT, Ms Arabadjieva was the Director of Investor Relations of Genting Singapore PLC (listed on the SGX-ST).

Ms Arabadjieva holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (Bulgaria) and a Masters of Business Administration from INSEAD (France and Singapore). Ms Arabadjieva is member of the alumni association of INSEAD (Singapore Chapter).