Connect meaningfully with investors and stakeholders
Contribute positively to the communities we operate in
Build capability and diversity

Social targets highlights

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learning and development hours per employee of the Manager

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benchmark engagement score for tenant satisfaction with asset management

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minimum representation of each gender at Board and all management and employee levels

Strong industry partnerships

Investors are at the forefront of everything we do. CEREIT proactively engages with the investment community through regular, effective and clear two-way communication.

Collaboration and strong partnerships are crucial for CEREIT to thrive as a business. Maintaining strong and positive partnerships can help CEREIT to implement sustainable practices throughout its supply chain, attract new investors, and engage with local communities, leading to progressive economic growth and social benefits.

The Manager is active in contributing to the growth of the real estate industry by participating in a number of industry associations

European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) – member

APREA – member

REIT Association of Singapore
(REITAS) – member

SGListCos – founding member

Singapore Business Federation
(SBF) – member

SID – corporate member

CEREIT engages with the investment community in a regular, proactive and open manner. CEREIT’s manager has a dedicated investor relations team that conducts a robust outreach program to build brand awareness and keep all Unitholders informed about the company’s financial results and operating performance.

Tenant-customer satisfaction

The Manager and the Property Manager recognise that a positive tenant-customer experience is vital to the long-term success and growth of CEREIT. At the same time, a poor tenant-customer experience and engagement could potentially affect retention rates and the adoption of CEREIT’s sustainability commitments.

The Property Manager of CEREIT has been conducting an annual tenant engagement survey since 2018. The survey is conducted by an independent third-party customer experience consultancy and collects feedback from tenant-customers across CEREIT’s portfolio on various factors such as building management, communication, security, and sustainability. The property teams then use the results and feedback to develop and implement asset-specific plans.

Overall Satisfaction with asset management

Contributing to our

Building on existing community partnerships, the Manager seeks to create positive impact to the local communities in which it operates. The Manager’s long-term community engagement strategy focuses on deepening engagement with community partners, increasing financial donations and involving employees in volunteer and charitable activities.

Over the past six years, the Manager has helped raise more than S$190,000 through direct donations, individual campaigns, fundraising at events, and participation in Community Chest events

Diversity, equity and inclusion

For Cromwell’s approach to diversity, equity and inclusion

The Manager operates as part of Cromwell and recognises that a diverse, inclusive and safe culture not only promotes a sense of well-being among its employees but also increases engagement, which in turn supports strong performance, better decision-making, improved customer satisfaction, and higher productivity. The Manager also maintains a zero-tolerance stance on any forms of workplace harassment.