Develop and maintain a culture of continuous improvement, accountability and transparency, ethical conduct and good governance, supported by robust systems and processes

Governance targets highlights

Maintain a clean compliance record

Maintain GRESB public disclosure score of ‘A’

Maintain at least half independent board

Corporate governance

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The Manager is committed to continuous improvement in corporate governance practices in line all the principles and provisions set out in the Code of Corporate Governance 2018 and other relevant global best-practice governance practices.

The corporate governance section of the 2023 Annual Report from pages 210 to 243 outlines in detail the practices of the Manager with reference to the principles of the Code of Corporate Governance 2018.

Sustainability governance framework

The Manager’s sustainability framework is aligned with Cromwell’s approach to sustainability, ensuring that CEREIT remains focused on improving performance through a structured, responsible and balanced pathway to sustained success. The sustainability framework aligns corporate values with sustainable business performance, enterprise risks and corporate strategy. This approach underpins the development of a resilient business.

Sustainability policy statement

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The Manager has developed and, on an ongoing basis, maintains a number of policies and procedures designed to provide a firm foundation for a trusted and respected business enterprise. Each policy is ‘owned’ by a senior management team member and applied across CEREIT and the Manager’s operations. Regular reviews of policies are conducted by the management team based on a risk-based approach, with critical policies reviewed at least annually and confirmation accorded by a delegation authority determined by the Board.

CEREIT has a standalone sustainability policy aligned with Cromwell’s, which guides its approach and positions on environmental, social and governance topics.