Deliver quality, resilient and rejuvenated portfolio that generates sustainable value and meets stakeholders’ expectations

Environmental targets highlights

25% of the portfolio with green leases by 2025

Net Carbon Zero operational carbon emissions by 2040

90% of the office portfolio with top two tiers green certifications by 2025

Our portfolio’s 2022 environmental performance highlights

Total carbon emissions

0 tCO2e

in 2022, ▼5% as compared to 2021

GHG emissions data coverage

0 %

of the portfolio1, ▲1% as compared to 2021

Average tCO2e / sqm intensity

0 %

in 2022 as compared to 2021

Water consumption intensity (m3/sqm)

0 %

in 2022 as compared to 2021

Total energy intensity (kWh / sqm)

0 %

in 2022 as compared to 2021

Waste recycled

0 %

in 2022, up from 42% in 2021

Renewable and low carbon energy

0 %

of total energy kWh in 2022, ▼8% as compared to 2021

Waste directed to landfill

less than 0 %

out of total waste recorded in 2022

Task force on climate-related disclosures (TCFD)

In response to the enhanced climate reporting requirements introduced by SGX-ST in December 2021, the Manager has adopted TCFD recommendations since 2021 with a three-year roadmap to enhance the climate risk management process and at the same time, improve the quality of climate reporting.

Sustainable developments and redevelopments

Nervesa 21, Milan, Italy

Redevelopment of existing office to a 10,000 sqm LEED platinum Grade A office space

Refurbishment scope includes replacement of the façade, new mechanical & electrical installation, improved entry and extensive landscaped amenity, creation of roof terraces as well as overall increase of lettable area total through construction of external panoramic lifts

20% additional GFA granted for no charge due to sustainability building specifications

Ready for occupation in 1Q 2024

Lovosice ONE Industrial Park I, The Czech Republic

Refurbishment of 2,611 sqm existing building and development of five new warehouse units and with a total lettable area of 14,679 sqm

Nove Mesto ONE Industrial Park I / III, Slovakia

Development of two new warehouse units DC 3 (3,850 sqm) and DC 7 (11,975 sqm)