Green finance framework

The Green Finance Framework helps the Manager lower CEREIT’s cost of capital while achieving its sustainability objectives

The Manager finalised CEREIT’s Green Finance Framework (the “framework”) in March 2022 and formalised it in April 2022 after receiving second party opinion for it from ISS in April 2022. The framework is based on the Green Bond Principles (ICMA, 2021), the Green Loan Principles (LMA, 2020) and the ASEAN Green Bond Standards (ACMF, 2018).

The Framework takes into account the core components of these principles and standards, including use of proceeds, process for project evaluation and selection, management of proceeds, reporting and external review.

Since 2022 the Manager has utilised the framework to complete more than €580 million in sustainability-linked loan facilities, with lower cost of debt due to achieving relevant sustainability KPIs.