Mäkitorpantie 3b

Helsinki, Finland

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Mäkitorpantie 3b has three storeys and hosts offices, a restaurant with conference facilities, and a gym while the basement holds technical and social premises. The total LFA of Mäkitorpantie 3b is 4,367 sqm and it is held on a freehold basis.

The property is located in Käpylä, Helsinki, in the immediate vicinity of Tuusulanväylä and Käpylä train station. Thanks to its location, Mäkitorpantie 3b is easily accessible by private car and public transport. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is about 20 minutes away. Bus stops can be found right in front of the property and within walking distance along the Tuusulanväylä.

3b, Mäkitorpantie, Helsinki, Uusimaa, 00620, Finland.

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