Via Brigata Padova 19

Padova, Italy

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The asset, built in the 1960’s, is a complex of three independent constructions which are internally connected through an above ground passage on the first floor. The three buildings have different number of floors, from one to seven. There is one basement level which includes warehouses plus nine outdoor parkings in the court yard. The property has been used as barracks by the Italian Gendarmerie (Carabinieri).

The property is located in the city of Padua, in the Veneto region, north-eastern Italy. The asset is in the western part of the city, next to the principal highways that connects Padua to the other major cities of the region. The neighbourhood is mainly residential, with 1960’s multifamily houses. The railway station is approximately 4.5 km from the property while the city centre is approximately 1.5 km away.

19, Via Brigata Padova, Padova, Veneto, 35138, Italy.

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