Via Camillo Finocchiaro Aprile 1

Genova, Italy

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Built in the 1950’s, the property is an office building portion arranged over eight floors above ground and one basement level, with garage. The design of the facade is inspired by rationalist architecture. It hosts the Genoa headquarters of the Italian Revenue Agency. The rest of the building hosts several other government agencies.

The property is positioned on the boundary of the city centre of Genova, capital of the Liguria Region, western Italy. The surrounding area is mixed, hosting office buildings as well as mixed use buildings. The property benefits from a very good vehicular access, being located in proximity of the motorways A7 and A10 and the city centre. The second main railway station of Genoa is 800 mt away.

1, Via Camillo Finocchiaro Aprile, Genova, Liguria, 16129, Italy.

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