Via Fornace

Mira, Italy

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Logistics / Light Industrials

The property consists of a warehouse and small office component, and an external area. The warehouse has 21 loading bays (out of which 17 have electromechanical platforms and automatic doors) and includes an extensive ‘state-of-the-art’ automated system for goods storage and distribution. The warehouse floor has exceptional load bearing of 15 tons per sqm with a high storage area under-beam height of 11.65 metres.

The property is less than an hour’s drive away from Venice and Padua and 18 kilometres away from the Marghera harbour (the commercial and logistics port of Venice). The property is easily accessible and served by the Mira-Oriago junction on the Mestre ring road A57, that is connected to the A4 motorway and is in close proximity to four train stations.

Via della Fornace, Mira, Veneto, 30034, Italy.

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