Via Salara Vecchia 13

Pescara, Italy

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The property is a building complex used by the State Police as a training centre. It is the only centre in Italy training the drivers of the police squad cars. Built in the 1990’s, it consists of seven buildings within a fenced area and includes a dormitory, a canteen, multiple gyms, a car testing track, a shooting range and several classrooms. The buildings have a reinforced concrete frame structure, covered with a flat roof. The facades are coated with stone gravel panels and incorporate aluminium framed windows.

The propertyis located inPescara, in the Abruzzo region, central Italy. It is easily accessible by car, about 3.5 km from the harbour and about 2.5 km from the train central station.

13, Via Salara Vecchia, Pescara, Abruzzo, 65129, Italy.

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