Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Veemarkt is located in Amsterdam, in particular on the Cruquius Island, part of the former Eastern Harbour area in the eastern central part of Amsterdam. The plot where the property is is characterised by the combination of multi-let light industrial buildings, some preserved from when the site was used as a cattle market. The site is zoned for light industrial and office use.

The property is divided into seven separate light industrial buildings, which themselves are subdivided into various units. Approximately 100% of the total site is developed, split approx. 40/60 office/business space. The Property was built in several phases. Phases 1 and 2 are multi-let and constructed circa 1984 and 1987 respectively. Phase 3 is divided into two blocks, with smaller units that 1 and 2, constructed circa 1992, as was Phase 4 which is similar to 3 but contains a higher proportion of office accommodation.

The Veemarkt is located on the east side of Amsterdam in the Zeeburg district. The complex is easily accessible by private transport via the Piet Hein tunnel and the A10 ring road and very well served by public transport (buses 22, 65 and 289 and tram 14).

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.

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