Zilina Industrial Park

Nededza, Slovakia

Property description

Property Type​

Logistics / Light Industrials

The asset comprises a modern production plant completed in 2011 with a rectangular floor plan, a GLA of 5,044 sqm. It is situated on a flat site with a total area of 10,694 sqm. The floor of the production plant has an average floor bearing capacity of 5 tonnes per sqm.

The asset is located approximately 9 km from the Žilina City Centre. Žilina is the main industrial hub of the upper Váh river basin region.

The D1 motorway connects Žilina with Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest. Nededza is also located very close to the main railway corridor. The nearest airport is Žilina airport (servicing smaller aircraft) located 12 km west from the city centre.

1, Priemyselná, Nededza, Žilinský kraj, 013 02, Slovakia.

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Single Tenant

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